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Whether you are looking to travel on your own or with a few friends, to exotic destinations in far flung places or a weekend getaway in Victoria, helping you to fulfil those aspirations is what we are passionate about. So if you enjoy going on holiday (and who doesn’t), then All Access Holidays will be your ideal travelling companion.

So, Why us?

All Access Holidays is an Australian travel company with a focus on taking people with a disability on fun and innovative holidays. All Access Holidays believes that everybody, no matter their background, is entitled to a break.

Runner with Amputated Leg

All Access Holidays is now a registered NDIS service provider. Our NDIS Provider Registration Number is 4050009057.

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For those of you who have our current 20/21 brochure please be advised that all of the interstate, (outside of Victoria), international and cruise holidays will not be running as advertised. Once border restrictions ease AAH will then be able to provide interstate and international trips once more. Until then we will be running fun, innovative and awesome holidays for all of our wonderful travellers in the great state of Victoria. All available holidays will be advertised on our website and social media channels until further notice. 

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